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Bruvah News & Release History

February 22, 2015

v1.1.7 Release

- Added a Passcode feature to pages. This requires a passcode to be entered correctly before displaying the content for that page.
- Various other small tweaks to the system.

August 04, 2014

v1.1.6 Release

- Changed the Footer for websites to be a custom footer per client.
- Sort Order for the Menus can be more structured now.
- Added Integration with Google Fonts
- Now you can customize the URL page name for each section on your website.
- Also shortened the view section URLs

Online Scheduler
- Add your Work Schedule, Employees work schedule and so on.
- Book appointments within different user's schedule and keep track in real-time.
- Option to create schedules and manage them.
- Can be customized to fit any clients color scheme.
- Currently only used when signing into your Bruvah account. No online component for clients to request times. (yet)

Bruvah Editor Bar
- Enlarged the Drop down menu width

Drop Menu / Sub Menus
- Ability to add Submenus to your menu system.
- Added a bullet dot beside submenus in the Admin Bar
- Submit a Support Ticket if you want this setup for you.

Fixed Bugs:
- Now webforms will not jump to the top of the screen when submitted and a validation error is triggered. (mandatory fields/etc.)
- Fixed bug with the Editor Bar, small display issue.

June 10, 2014

New Bruvah Website

- Launched Bruvah v2.0 Website
- New website includes responsive mobile website as well.

February 14, 2014


New Feature : Blog Settings

- Added Blog Settings so you can customize your Bruvah Blog.
- Added Blog Style, Entry Highlights, Highlight Size, and Entries per page variables.
- All clients can customize their Blog look & feel with these settings.
- Added some extra CSS styling options for the Blogs as well.

February 06, 2014


New Feature : Responsive Mobile/Tablet Website Add-on!

We've added the ability to add custom "Mobile" websites for all of our clients. This is a flat fee feature that is an add-on to our normal website package. This allows for a custom mobile website to be built from your current website. The flat fee is $249. All clients can get this add-on feature. If you want to be on the cutting edge or you have a lot of mobile clients/customers. This is a great option to ensure your mobile customers have the best user experience when visiting your website. New and Current customers can taken advantage of this very low fee. Contact us to get your mobile website today!

- Added mobile menu option and also mobile site option for clients.
- Created a mobile/smart phone website for
- Fixed a few CSS3 / layout issues that didn't allow Bruvah websites to work well with responsive mobile designs.
- Option to have Smartphone and/or Tablet versions of your website. Customized by client request/requirements. (Same flat fee)
Bug Fixes
Fixed: Bug with submitting web forms when logged into the Bruvah Editor as an account owner.
Fixed: Typos in the emails sent out from web form responses.
Fixed: Bug with marking web form responses as "read".

January 31, 2014


- Added Meta Keywords to the SEO section of all web sections.
- Updated the Look & Feel for the Web Form Response page. Can be customized by client.
- Updated Form Responses count in the Bruvah Editor Bar to show total responses in the menu (unread and read), and make it have a red background if there were any "unread" responses. Before it would only show the count of unread responses.
- Fixed: Bug where under some scenerios 2 menu items would get highlighted at the same time.
- Fixed: Bug with the sitemap xml generation.

January 15, 2014


- Added Sitemaps for all clients. You can find it under the Site Options > Advanced Options > Google Integration. You can submit your Sitemap URL to all of the major search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo.. This helps them index your website correctly. This sitemap is automatically generated on the fly. So it will be updated with your most recent page information.
- Web Sections - Section Options - Added feature to group Fancybox images by all images on the page or group the images by each specific product on the page.

January 01, 2014


- Added a Full & Short URL (with tooltips) on the File Manager, also cleaned up the look a bit.
- Fixed: Issues with the Blog Archive Listings (from the Year rolling over)
- Fixed a few small CSS Issues
- Fixed: Issue with creating Web Forms.

Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a great 2014!

November 14, 2013


- Added Paging to the Products - Associated Images page (24 images per page)
- Customized the Associated Images page a bit (Made the images larger/etc),
- Added Paging to this page (Release History) (10 posts per page)
- Fixed: Product Associated Images should sort correctly now.
- Fixed: When deleting an image on the Associated Image page, it will now default back to the page the deleted image was on.
- Fixed: When editing an image on the Associated Image page, when done or cancelled. It now returns you back to the correct page.

November 09, 2013


- Updated a few Admin sections to look more uniform across the Bruvah Site.
- Added a CSS spacer to the styling depending on if the client needs it for the footer information.
- Moved the Product Images from the Image Manager to the Products & Services > Associated Images menu.
- Added Feature to Apply Watermark to Product Images that have already been uploaded in Bruvah. (If watermark is enabled)
- Fixed: When Deleting an image from Associated Images, it will go back to the Product Image page and not Image Manager.
- Fixed: An issue with applying the watermark to a product image and the cached version would show in the browser after.

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